You could describe England and Australia as two countries separated by not dissimilar crustaceans. They all fascinate me and I feel they are just begging to be captured on canvas. At first sight, and if you’re unfamiliar with their relative sizes, it can be hard to distinguish between lobsters and crayfish, but you can click here for a handy guide: http://museum.wa.gov.au/research/collections/amphipods/crustacea-section/lobsters-rock-lobsters-and-crayfish
Coincidentally, this guide is written by Australians, just as I have been working on painting a colourful Australian Painted Crayfish. How could I resist painting a creature with ‘Painted’ in the name? And, amazingly for England in March, it was a bright, sunny day here in Essex as I worked on my Antipodean Painting.


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