About The Artist

Michelle is a practising fine artist with a degree in Fine Art; she specialises in oil paintings on canvas working with interior designers, restaurants and private clients worldwide.

“Close-up organic forms create an abstracted expressive surface based on space, light, colour and texture. A sense of depth; blurred backgrounds and loose brushstrokes contrast with sharp detail and tighter representational mark-making. The longer I paint, the more I realise that my work is all about the composition as a whole.”

My style has an adaptive reverence for the subject and yet does not rely on it; elevating the forms with bright use of colour and suggestive mark-making. The resulting pieces are proud declarations of colour and expression. Colour, depth, texture and contrast – does is matter if it looks like a lobster or a fish? Not really…

Michelle is always happy to discuss possible commissions; prices start from £300. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas…

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