You know your inner artist is in there, waiting to blossom…but you’re not sure about how fragrant it might be when you let it out! Throughout history, certain artists have been mocked and derided in their lifetime (Vincent van Gogh and – less seriously and not in real life because he’s not real – the ‘artist’ played by Tony Hancock in his film ‘The Rebel’ – see the second video on the second row within this link for a reminder of the comic genius in artistic mode:’The+Rebel’#id=).
But if you want to try your hand at painting in a supportive, friendly and, yes, fun atmosphere, please do come and join fellow enthusiasts at my new evening art class for adults. No experience needed – just an interest in art and a sense of humour. I’m an experienced artist, but I remember what it was like not to have much confidence in my art, so I can empathise with you if you feel that way. For further information, contact me or the venue – The Fold, in Billericay.

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