I’ve asked my friend Liz who is a regular blogger to write a post today. (I’m not sure this is wise, but here goes!)

We’ve been following Michelle’s development as a painter for some time now. We’ve been friends a long time, and I first remember work she made in Israel in about 1990 – prints of the Dead Sea, of her father sleeping and friends. We’ve seen photos of the public art she made, and memorably one year she made a portrait of my husband and I as a present. Her latest work is really special though. We’ve followed her progress on social media, seeing sketches and partially made work, but until today we hadn’t seen it in the flesh (or in the oil!).

We were blown away. The photos were vibrant, but there is nothing like seeing a four foot prawn in oil paints on a wall to really impress you. The lobsters in particular both alive and dead were terrific. The texture and colour is like nothing else.

It’s always difficult when a friend turns out to be really talented – it’s great that this work has a chance to be shown and people are getting to go and enjoy it. Hurry! The show at the Sherwin gallery finishes in a couple of weeks.